Hegen PCTO™ 60ml/2oz Feeding Bottle PPSU with Extra Slow Flow Teat (0 months)

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What's Included:

- 60ml/2oz Feeding Bottle PPSU (1 Pack)
- Extra Slow Flow Teat  (1 Pack)

The Hegen 60ml feeding bottle is a compact and versatile bottle designed for various stages of baby feeding. Here's a description of the Hegen 60ml feeding bottle:

  1. Compact Size: The 60ml (2oz) capacity of the Hegen feeding bottle is perfect for newborns, premature babies, or when you need to feed smaller amounts of breast milk or formula.

  2. Modular Design: Like other Hegen bottles, this bottle features a modular design that allows for easy assembly and interchangeability of different components. This means you can use the same bottle with different teat flow rates, storage lids, and adapters, providing flexibility and convenience.

  3. Ergonomic Shape: The bottle is designed with an ergonomic shape that ensures comfortable handling for both parents and babies. Its compact size makes it easy to hold and feed, promoting a natural feeding posture.

  4. Clear Measurement Markings: The Hegen 60ml feeding bottle has clear measurement markings on the side for precise measurement and portioning of milk or formula. This is particularly helpful when feeding smaller amounts or tracking baby's intake.

  5. Anti-Colic Air Vent: The bottle is equipped with an anti-colic air vent system, which helps reduce the intake of air during feeding. This feature contributes to reducing colic, gas, and discomfort in babies.

  6. Safe and Durable Materials: Made from BPA-free materials, the Hegen 60ml feeding bottle is safe for babies. Its durability ensures it can withstand sterilisation and regular use.

  7. Leak-Proof Design: The bottle features a leak-proof seal, preventing spills and messes during feeding or when the bottle is transported. This provides a hassle-free feeding experience.

  8. Ideal for Early Stages: The 60ml size is particularly useful for early stages of feeding, whether it's supplementing with breast milk, feeding small amounts of formula, or administering medication.

The Hegen 60ml feeding bottle is a practical choice for newborns and infants, offering a compact and convenient feeding solution for various needs. Its modular system, anti-colic feature, and ease of use make it a reliable option for parents looking for a small-capacity bottle for their little ones.

Why is the Hegen PCTO™ Feeding Bottle beneficial?
Useful for parents with their hands full, our Hegen bottle is a revolutionary patented feeding bottle with a unique one-hand close. No screw threads, just Press-to-Close and Twist-to-Open™, 

PCTO innovation allows the bottle to be pressed on and twisted off conveniently! Preparing a feeding bottle has never been this simple.

Key Characteristics:

1. Super Soft Elliptical-Shaped Silicone Teat (Mimics the natural breast of mothers)
2. Asymmetrical, Off-Centre Teat 
3. Smart Build-In Anti-Colic Air Vent System
4. Patented No Screw Thread One Hand Closure
5. Practical "Soft-Square" Bottle Design
6. Hassle-Free Cleaning


Grow with your child

Simply change the teats and upgrade to a bigger milk bottle as your baby grows. The Hegen 5oz/150ml Feeding Bottle can also be used as a snack storage container with the Breast Milk Storage Lid or a formula storage container when paired with the Food Storage Converter. Our bottles are made with the needs of every new mum and baby in mind, which makes this newborn gift set the best.


 Asymmetrical teat for upright feeding

Hegen’s super soft teats are asymmetrical and off-centre to allow for a natural upright feeding position at a 20 degrees tilt, similar to nursing at the breast. This minimises the tilt that conventional baby bottles require, reducing the risk of milk back-flow, which may cause mid-ear complications.

Express-Store-Feed in just one bottle

The award-winning Express-Store-Feed system reimagines the milk bottle in a practical way while remaining efficient, simple and functional. Simply swap the pump module, feeding collars or storage lids to express, store and feed within a single container, with no wasteful transfer of milk.

High-performance plastic withstands extreme temperatures (PSSU)

All Hegen bottles are made of PPSU (polyphenylsulfone), an FDA-compliant material that combines the advantages of both glass and plastic materials. It is widely used in the manufacturing of medical appliances due to its superior toughness and high-temperature resistance ranging between -20°C to 180°C. This means you can deep freeze or heat up breastmilk in Hegen’s feeding bottles directly, making it a breeze to express, store and feed!

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