Hegen Anti-Colic Air Venting Teat - SLOW FLOW (1-3 MONTHS), 2-Pack

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What's included: Hegen Slow Flow teat comes in a pack of two, allowing parents to have a spare teat on hand or use it for twins.

The Hegen slow flow teat offers several benefits for both parents and babies. Here are some advantages of using the Hegen slow flow teat:

  1. Mimics breastfeeding: The slow flow teat is designed to closely resemble the natural flow of breast milk. This helps to prevent nipple confusion in babies who are both bottle-fed and breastfed, making it easier for them to transition between the two.

  2. Reduces colic and gas: The slow flow teat allows milk to flow at a controlled pace, which can help prevent babies from swallowing excessive air during feeding. This can reduce the likelihood of colic, gas, and discomfort.

  3. Promotes proper digestion: By providing a slower flow rate, the Hegen slow flow teat enables babies to feed at a pace that is more suitable for their developing digestive system. It allows them to control the milk flow and prevents overfeeding, which can lead to issues like spit-up and indigestion.

  4. Supports bonding: The Hegen teat is designed with a wide base that allows babies to latch on comfortably, promoting a natural feeding position. This encourages skin-to-skin contact and bonding between the parent and baby during feeding time.

  5. Easy transition: The Hegen system is designed to be modular, allowing parents to switch between different teat flow rates easily. Starting with the slow flow teat and gradually progressing to faster flow rates as the baby grows helps facilitate a smooth transition during the weaning process.

It's important to note that the specific benefits may vary depending on the baby's individual needs and feeding preferences. It's recommended to observe your baby's feeding behavior and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions about selecting the appropriate teat flow rate.

*Hegen Teats are embossed with indicators to show the teat flow:
– 0 for Extra Slow Flow (0 months)
– 1 for Slow Flow (1-3 months)
– 2 for Medium Flow (3-6 months)
– 3 for Fast Flow (6 months and beyond)
– Y for Thick Feed (for thickened liquids)
*All Hegen teats only have one hole; flow rate of each teat is determined by the size of the hole

Directions for Assembly:
– To remove transparent cover
With the Hegen logo on the Collar facing you, push the Transparent Cover backwards (away from you) to open.
– To assemble teat into collar
Step 1: Gently squeeze the anti-colic air vent to ensure it is open.
Step 2: Place the Collar over the Teat
Step 3: Pull the Teat through the Collar until it is snugly fitted.
Tip: Press on all 4 sides to ensure Teat is fully secured. Place on the Transparent Cover for hygiene purposes.

*Hegen Teats are marked with "1/2/3/Y" embossing to indicate extra slow flow/slow flow/medium flow/fast flow/thick feed respectively.

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